Are Fenetra beers bottom or top fermented?

Our beers are mostly fermented by the symbiotic microculture of microorganisms that create the typical beer expression. We use more of these cultures and therefore different beers have different flavors and overall expression. This is why they cannot be categorized. Although some Fenetra beers start their life as top fermented during long maturation in wooden barrels, their character, due to the wild microflora inside the barrel, changes so much that it is absolutely irrelevant to classify them as bottom fermented or top fermented.


Are all Fenetra beers acidic?

Not all beers are primarily acidic, but the vast majority have an acid component in them. In combination with longer aging in oak barrels, this gives beers unmistakable charm and character. Acidity is not a goal, rather part of a complex character and maturation. The vast majority of beers are only slightly sour without any aggressive acidity. Beers are thus very accessible and dangerously drinkable. And we like them this way.


What beer style Fenetra beers belong to?

Our beers are not easily classifiable within the classic beer genres and since they are often inspired by historical practices and beers, it is not possible to wedge them into today's beer categories easily. Our beers always have a certain element of rusticity and wildness in themselves and therefore we would rather put them in the broad category of Farmhouse Ales.


How to store beer?

We recommend storing in cold and dark places.


Where can I buy Fenetra beers?

Check out the map of distribution points on the website. The beer is still produced in low volumes, so the number of places to buy it is limited.


Is Fenetra available in barrels?

We are preparing special batch in kegs every year in March to celebrate the anniversary of Fenetra project. The release party is on 31/3.


Is it possible to arrange a brewery tour?

Yes, sure. Please follow our eshop, where the dates of tours are released in advance. We are also able to organizace tours for bigger groups, just send us an email with your request.


How is Fenetra connected to the Clock Brewery?

The Fenetra brand is owned and operated by Clock Brewery. Both brands are produced at the same brewhouse. Other parts of production are strictly separated. And because the production process and the resulting beers are very different, we decided to create a brand-new brand for them.